Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Limbo Zombie

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4, Spirit d4, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Fighting d6, Intimidation d6, Lockpicking d6, Knowledge(Dance) d6, Notice d4, Shooting d6, Stealth d6
Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 7

Special Abilities:
• Bite: Str.
• Fearless: Zombies are immune to Fear and Intimidation.
• Surprisingly Agile for a Corpse: +2 to all Agility rolls made to perform acrobatic maneuvers (including Trick maneuvers), and adds +1 to Parry while unencumbered
• Undead: +2 Toughness; +2 to recover from being Shaken; called shots do no extra damage (except to the head).
• Weakness (Head): Shots to a zombie’s head are +4 damage.
• Spawn: Characters killed by zombies arise as zombies 1d4 hours later.

"The late 20th Century saw, due to research by one M. Jackson, the rise of a new breed of zombie."