Thursday, 24 April 2014

Thoughts on Showdown Points Values

There are a couple of issues with Showdown points values which are why I haven't included them yet, despite wishing to.

1] A number of the creatures include non standard combat abilities. As examples the Hydra of Lerna's Radiation Field or the Weeping Angel's Perceptual Locking are not trivial fits for the points system. And I'd need to come up with appropriate values and/or substitutes.

Which leads to

2] The Points system is more a crude guideline that's a reasonable approximations so long as the figures are kept near comparable values rather than anything rigorous. Especially compared with the Legions of Steel Points System or the Silhouette VCS. 

and 3] The Excel spreadsheet isn't terribly user friendly.

These are potentially soluble but my experience with Showdown is the points values are more a guideline after you've made sure that the forces available to each side are not incompatible. A number of the Big Monsters would probably need to be trimmed down to keep the numbers sane.

It's been on the list of things I've been wishing to do since the beginning. But the amount of work to prepare the simplified statblocks and process them is sufficient that I'm considering this a relatively low priority at the moment and letting it simmer.