Saturday, 17 May 2014

Weapons Locker

Toughness: 16 (6)

Small Arms

  • Light Pulser: Range:12/24/48 Damage:2d6, RoF 4, AP 4, Auto
  • Sabot Pistol: Range:16/32/64 Damage:2d6, RoF 3, AP 6

Long Arms

  • Assault Blaster: Range:12/24/48, Damage:2d8, RoF 3, AP 2, Auto
  • Chaingun: Range:50/100/200 Damage:3d6 Rof:4 AP 2, Auto, Snapfire
  • Pulser: Range:12/24/48 Damage:2d8, RoF 4, AP 4, Auto
  • Sabot Rifle: Range:28/56/112 RoF:3 Damage:2d8, AP 6; Scope
  • Steyr Fantom: Range:30/60/120, Damage:2d8, RoF 3, Shots 30, AP 5, Auto, 3RB, Scoped, Silenced
  • Strelitz Rifle: Range:50/100/150 Damage:2d8+1, RoF:1, AP 8, Scope, No Move and Fire, Heavy Weapon

Psychotronic Weapons

  • Neural Disruptor: Range:15/30/60, Damage:2d8, RoF 2, Shots 10, AP4, Semi-Auto, Does Fatigue instead of Wounds, Unconsciousness for 1d6 hours on Incapacitation, User may take an action and spend 1 Power Point to reload shots equal to a Psionics roll.
  • Psi Amp: Doubles Range and Duration of Psionic Powers

Support Weapons

  • Chaingun: Range:50/100/200 Damage:3d6 RoF:4, AP 2, Auto, Snapfire
  • Incinerator: Range:Cone, Damage:2d10, RoF:1, Ignores Armor, Heavy Weapon, Starts Fires
  • Vulcan HMG: Range:50/100/200 Damage:2d8, RoF: 6, AP 6, Snapfire, Heavy Weapon


  • Demo Charge: When properly placed against the target with the shaped charge facing the target, a Demo charge is a Heavy Weapon doing Damage:4d6 AP12 to the target and Damage:3d6 AP2 to everything within a Small burst.
  • Plasma Grenades: Throwing, Range:5/10/20 RoF 1 Damage:4d6 Medium Burst, Grenade
  • Proximity Grenade: Throwing, Range 5/10/20, Damage:3d8, Medium Burst Template, Grenade, Motion sensor starts the next turn after being thrown, placed or remotely activated. Explodes when anything larger than size -4 comes within 4 meters of it.
  • Underbarrel RPG launcher: Damage:3d8, Range:24/48/96, RoF 1, AP 20, Heavy weapon, 4 shots

Melee Weapons

  • Powerfist: Str+2d6, AP4
  • Vibroknife: Str+d6+1, AP2, can't be thrown

Special Abilities
•  Lockdown: Requires a raise on a lockpicking test to open without the security code.

"What's in this Toybox?"