Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Well of Mimr

Toughness: 10

Special Abilities:
• Visions from the roots of the Earth: Once per game session, a character can drink from the well, spend a Benny and be granted a vision.

Draw a Card to find the portent of the vision.
Deuce: The Norns cackle with glee. The character's doom bulks large in the vision. The character cannot spend Bennies for the remainder of this game session.
3—10: You see a tall dark stranger. The character recieves vague hints of dire portent.
Jack–King: The character gains significant relevant information. He also gains a Benny, representing how he might fight against his doom.
Ace: As above, but the hero receives specific information and two Bennies.
Joker: As Ace, but the hero receives a warning of failure as well. After receiving an injury (whether it’s a mere Shaken result or multiple wounds), or a critical failure of some sort (whether by actual die roll or circumstance), he can use his warning to negate it. This benefit may only happen once, and is thereafter gone.

Immediately after the visionary must make a Spirt roll. If the roll is failed, the visions take their toll on her causing a Fatigue. If its fumbled then take a Wound instead.