Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tiik Herder

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d8
Skills: Fighting d8, Gambling d8, Intimidation d10, Notice d8, Stealth d6, Survival d6, Swimming d12, Shooting d4, Tracking D6
Charisma: -; Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 7(1)

Edges: Beastmaster(Sea Lion), Woodsman

Special Abilities:
• Armour +1:
• Aquatic: Pace 10, and cannot drown..
• Claws: Str+d6
• Low Light Vision: Sea Lions ignore penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.
• Lure: Some Tiik have bioluminescent lures that provide dim light within 6".
• Dehydration: Tiik must immerse themselves in water (salt or fresh) at least one hour out of every 24. Those who don’t are automatically Fatigued each day until they are Incapacitated. The day after that, they perish.